Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, body-builder, and fitness enthusiast, or simply someone who recently began exploring fitness and a healthier lifestyle - there’s still a 71% chance that you face poor muscle health and indigestion caused by a low protein absorption ability. Before we find out how low your protein absorption ability may be, let’s first understand why Indians are more likely to face trouble due to this unique gap.


Indians are not known for having high-protein diets. Our dietary habits are more carb-friendly, especially when compared to the west. The ratio of carbohydrates to proteins for majority of the Western diets is approximately 3:1, whereas the same ratio for Indian diets is a staggering 5:1. A traditionally low consumption of protein in both Indian vegetarian diets (84%) and Indian non-vegetarian diets (65%) have drastically debilitated our ability to absorb protein altogether.

Carbohydrate to protein consumption ratio in the average Western diet – 3:1

Carbohydrate to protein consumption ratio in the average Indian diet – 5:1

It’s become clearer to us that Indian protein needs are very different than that of those from the West. Indian bodies cannot benefit from Whey Protein formulated for Western bodies as we require specific enzymes to facilitate better protein digestion and absorption. Whey protein containing said enzymes can lead to increased EAA delivery, prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue, improve muscle synthesis and growth, aid quick recovery, and lower digestion related side effects such as bloating, belching, diarrhea, and stomach heaviness.

Whereas other varieties of Whey Protein don’t directly address this uniquely Indian problem, the Biozyme Whey series enriched with EAFTM has been formulated precisely as per our needs and deficiencies.


Has regular Whey Protein ever made you feel bloated or uncomfortable? Does your body not absorb enough protein? Is protein indigestion letting your hard work go to waste? Take a simple test and find out.