For several decades, Indians have always relied on Whey Protein either produced by or imported from the West. Yet in a simple customer listening exercise, many frequent gym-goers and regular Whey Protein consumers all proved to have the same complaint; they were simply unable to obtain desirable results, despite a healthy diet, copious exercise and daily protein supplementation. People held many misconceptions as to why this happens. Some say Indians don’t have the right genes for it, whereas others believe an Indian diet is genuinely incompatible with muscle growth. The biggest problem, however, which we identified was that no one in the Indian Sports Fitness industry had even tried addressing the Indian body’s concerns.

Due to several factors, primarily our carb-heavy dietary habits, Indian bodies have a lower ability to process, digest and absorb protein; especially when compared to Western bodies. This results in severe protein wastage and discomfort caused by indigestion. All Western Whey companies have been populating the Indian market with products which favour Western bodies and diets for decades, without so much as trying to customise them to our needs. We at MuscleBlaze decided to take on this challenge, and solve this problem for once and for all.

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